Sex Education

Today, I was casually glancing over the headlines on MSNBC after signing out of Hotmail, and you’ll never believe what I found…

Did you know that there is a study that shows 90% of people have premarital sex and that this has been constant since the 1940s? This study was conducted in an effort to rebut the current sex education, abstinence until marriage, to teaching safe sex practices.

My first reaction is strongly negative. Since I don’t have children yet, but will, I don’t want them to be taught that premarital sex is normal and right. You know you only have some much influence over your children, and if they are bombarded with this message elsewhere, who are they likely to believe? I don’t think it’s their parents.

Maybe this is my Christian side showing, but I still believe that God said no for a reason. First, it seems that sex creates a bond between couples, married or not. It’s not just sex, there is more to it. Second, the number of sexually transmitted diseases you can contract is ridiculous. How do you prevent STDs? Some condom labeling says that they are sometimes effective in the prevention of HIV. No mention of any other STDs. Several condoms say that they are not effective in preventing STDs and the only way to 100% prevent pregnancy and STDs is abstinence. So that’s not going to work. None of the other contraceptives prevent STDs. Third, unwed pregnancy is on the rise, and abortion is on the up and up too. So, it’s ok to have sex, and if you get pregnant, just get an abortion? I might be ultra conservative, but I don’t think we want our 10 year olds having surgery to get rid of a “fetus” aka BABY, do you?

So, what do we do? There isn’t any legislation or anything I can find, right now, to change sex education from abstinence only to safe sex. Those of you who are concerned, pray and spread the word. Teach your children, and pray that God will get through to them. And, if any legislation pops up, send letters to your elected representatives.

Here’s a link to the article.


One response to “Sex Education

  1. WOW! I agree with you, dear. I’ll keep an eye out for any legislation and I’ll share this information.