Light (Christmas Musical) 2005

December 2005.

The Red Magi’s robes were made from taffeta. The costume consisted of a tunic made from crinkly red taffeta shot with black and a sleeveless robe made from gold taffeta sewn into diamonds. At each corner of the diamonds I attached a red crystal. The headpiece was gold taffeta over a hat form with red crystal accents. The entourage’s shirts were made from the same red taffeta and their pants from the gold. The banner was also constructed from the taffeta and attached to a “t” frame.

The Purple Magi’s robes were made from purple crepe back satin and silver brocade. It was three pieces. An under tunic of silver brocade, an over tunic of royal purple, and a triangular collar of silver brocade.  The entourage wore matching costumes: purple cotton shirts and silver lame pants. The banner was made out of the satin and brocade.

The Blue Magi’s robes were made from blue velvet and white faux fur. Clear jewels were glued into the fur to catch the light. It was one piece. The robe was fastened in the front by Velcro. The crown was a hat form covered in the same velvet and fur. The Entourage wore matching blue cotton shirts and white glitter muslin pants. The banner was made out of velvet with muslin shapes and jewels.


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