Jesus & Mary Magdalene?

Please read Archaeologists, scholars dispute Jesus documentary by CNN; The Lost Tomb of Jesus, and Theological Considerations by the Discovery Channel; and Discovery Channel documentary says Christianity is a lie by the American Family Association (“AFA”).

James Cameron and his team have created a documentary about 10 ossuaries (limestone caskets) they found in Southern Jerusalem which they believe may have held Jesus of Nazareth and his family, including his alleged wife Mary Magdalene. The filmmakers even claim that one of the ossuaries has the name of Jesus’s son, Judah on it.

Several scholars and archaeologists provide evidence to refute Cameron’s claims saying that these names were the most common names in Judea at that time and that Jesus could have been incorrectly translated.

There was DNA testing according to the Discovery Channel site, but it doesn’t seem to say anywhere what they found. And, how would they know if it was Jesus and Mary Magdalene?

The History Channel did numerous documentaries about these same subjects, those of the Da Vinci code, and about the miracles in the Bible.

There are always going to be those that hold out these theories and there will always be those who hold onto those theories whether or not it’s the truth.

The documentary is going to air March 4 @ 9PM PT/ET on the Discovery Channel.

Update: March 1, 2007, the AFA sent their alert “Discovery Channel documentary slams Christianity.” They urge Christians to write the Discovery Channel to ask them not to air the documentary.
Given the articles by CNN and the Discovery Channel, the AFA’s response may be impetuous. The AFA does not say that they’ve actually seen the documentary but the Discovery Channel gives consideration to the Theological conserns.

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