Global Warming

Global Warming is a popular topic in the media. What’s worse is it’s a partisan issue. If you’re a Democrat, it seems, you are concerned with Global Warming, and if you’re a Republican, you think the Democrats are over reacting.

Instead of harping on Global Warming, which is hard to define and harder to stop, focus on waste. Waste will more likely cause significant harm to the earth, and possibly space, far more than Global Warming. The elements of Global warming include waste. Greenhouse gasses are produced by waste (generally in the form of pollution).

Waste comes in many forms, and is different for everyone. For instance, to the Amish, the most conservative, middle-class American is wasteful. American here is used to describe those from the United States. To the middle-class, the excessive frivolities of the upper-class is wasteful.

It is very difficult to function in the mainstream of the United States without being wasteful. Commercials tout the latest products that are a must have if you’re anyone. Inadequate public transportation in many cities makes it nearly impossible to use everyday. In most states, you have to buy an overpriced, poorly built house. If you rent, are you wasting your money because it isn’t going toward equity? How do you waste less?


One response to “Global Warming

  1. Personally the whole global warming is a natural tendency of the Earth.
    We’ve had much warmer centuries when no humans were on the Earth. It’s natural get over it.(I learned this in my college geology class.) Not that I think it’s bad to conserve, I don’t think it’s good to add to the problem, but to say that were are the only cause makes me mad and to say we can stop it. Uh no we can’t, we can just lessen it.
    I just try to save energy by turning off lights and opening my dishwasher during the dry cycle. I let them air dry. Plus I try to do multiple things for each car trip. Though there are times I like to shop.
    I do other things, but can’t think of them.