This is Ridiculous

The Natural Resources Defense Council (“NRDC”) sued the Navy over their use of Sonar saying that it hurts and even kills marine life. It gets worse, the NRDC wants the Navy to tell them specifics on where the Navy’s used sonar. Surprise, the Navy won’t do it… National Security.

It seems reasonable that the NRDC shouldn’t have access to confidential Navy records. If I were a terrorist, and those records were released, then I could use them to my advantage. Court records are public unless sealed. And if they were sealed, I’d just join the NRDC and figure out where their copy of the records were, go work for the law firm representing NRDC, or any number of other scenarios.

The NRDC needs to remember that they’re using the goverment to sue the goverment. How do they expect to win?

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