Health Care Forum

This article will cover Sen. Obama’s and Sen. Clinton’s comments at the Health Care Forum on March 24th. And the following will cover criticism and opinions regarding UHCC.

Note, the only presidential hopefuls in attendance were democrats, though SEIU said that they extended invitations to all candidates.

Both Senators were in support of Univeral Health Care Coverage (“UHCC“). UHCC is government run health insurance that would cover everyone in the US. Neither Senator actually said whether the coverage would cover illegal aliens or foreign visitors. Also, both Senators said that UHCC would not require individuals to change programs or doctors.

Sen. Obama believed that he could have UHCC implemented by the end of his first term. He did not say how he would pay for UHCC but did say that changes to the current systems needed to be made. He did say that he would do whatever it takes, which could mean new taxes.

Here are some other comments by Sen. Obama:

  • Health Care providers (as well as Heath insurance) need to become more efficient. This includes electronic medical record keeping, which would reduce administrative costs.
  • Everyone would pay into the “pool” so that everyone could be covered. Everyone includes employers and individuals. Paying into the pool would reduce the overall individual cost and reduce risk. Risk seemed to be defined as the cost to society of uninsured persons.
  • Emphasize prevention which reduces cost of coverage in the long run.
  • Put money up at the front end and save money at the back. Wants to make sure the savings go to the families, not insurance companies.

Sen. Clinton believed it would take her two terms to implement UHCC. Her comments were geared more toward the health insurance corruption than health care provider issues.

Here are some comments by Sen. Clinton:

  • Insurance discrimination (like pre-existing conditions) needs to end.
  • Improve quality and control costs.
  • Make better use of the money in the system.
  • Pay for UHCC by taking money from the insurance companies, require employers to cover employees, and individual responsibility.
  • Medicare has the lowest average administrative cost.

Note, both Senators seemed to address Health Care providers as well as Health Insurance in their comments supporting UHCC.

Some questions to ponder:

Is the health care system, outside of insurance, broken?

If insurees can’t afford their co pays and deductibles, isn’t that the fault of the insurance provider?

Instead of UHCC, why not discuss health insurance reform?

What is the price of Federal Employees Health Benefits? How does this compare to the price of health insurance?

If the US does provide UHCC, how would the Senators’ plans allow individuals to keep the coverage and doctors that they like?

How would the Senators stop their system from looking like Canada’s?


One response to “Health Care Forum

  1. I think health insurance reform should be implemented before universal coverage discussions. At the present time many insurance companies don’t pay for wellness programs but do pay for the end result of not having a wellness program, i.e. amputation rather than diabetic education classes. The insurance company then decides when it’s time to be discharged from the hospital, not the physician. The physician may be the one to write the order but it’s due to the insurance company’s case management instructions. Insurance reform is certainly needed!