Republican Party Platform on Healthcare Reform

The Republican Party seems to agree with the Democrats, the Health Care System needs help, but what is their solution. According to, the president’s plan includes: tax incentives to have health insurance and higher cost for individuals buying insurance privately instead of going through their employers. However, the catch is that health insurance will be counted as taxable income, though a tax break on the first $15,000 of taxable income will be available to married couples with insurance (and $7,500 for individuals).

Rudy Giuliani does not mention of Health care under Issues on his political site. However, in a speech at Hoovers, February 26, 2007, he made the following comments:

  • Health care is expensive, access to health careis difficult, and there are too many lawsuits.
  • We have the best health care system in the world. Evidence is that “no one” leaves the US to have surgery, but many foreigners want to come here.
  • We need health care reform, but we don’t want to destroy the core of our health care which is that it is primarily private, it’s market driven, and it’s a for profit operation. He said that the core is good as long as it is properly regulated.
  • We need to reform the system by finding ways to include everyone and reduce the costs. Also, tort reform is needed. (Though not phrased as tort reform.)
  • The other party is wrong to point toward socialized medicine.

John McCain does not mention Health care under Issues on his political site. However, in the link to his speech on November 16, 2006, he mentions rising health care costs, the breakdown of social security and Medicare, and patients rights.

Mitt Romney has one paragraph about Health care under his Issues.

“The health of our nation can be improved by extending health insurance to all Americans, not through a government program or new taxes, but through market reforms.”

In his Biography, it says:

“In 2006, Governor Romney proposed and signed into law a private, market-based reform that ensures every Massachusetts citizen will have health insurance, without a government takeover and without raising taxes.”

Some follow up questions:

How does giving married couples a break on the first $15,000 of their combined income help if health care becomes taxable income?

If one is covered under their spouse’s insurance because it’s better coverage, would they be penalized under the president’s plan?

What is the solution?

Is it really the employers, health care providers, or health insurance company’s fault that so many are not insured?


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