Global Warming

There is little doubt that glaciers and the polar icecaps are receding every year. The question is: “What is causing them to melt?” Is it Global Warming as proposed by Al Gore, or is it something larger and out of our control?

There is proof of the changes in the sizes of some of the Glaciers in Glacier National Park over the last 94 years. Please visit this site. Repeat Photography Project research by the Northern Rocky Mountain Research Center. Pay specific attention to Grinnell Trio – Lake Josephine and Grinnell Quad – Mount Gould. These show the recession of the glaciers in several pictures. The Trio contains a 1938 repeat photo that shows the glacier was already receding. The Quad, though, shows the most drastic changes from the 1938 through 2006.

However, this year, Lake McDonald froze over in February, something that last happened nearly 40 years ago. Citation to come. The information was on Glacier National Park’s website, however, it moved or isn’t available at this time.

The photos of Grinnell Glacier, from approximately 1914 to 1938, show that the it was already melting. If Global Warming, as proposed by Al Gore, is correct, that means that our carbon emissions as early as the 40’s were contributing to global climate change. However the changes could be linked to a natural warming trend as the earth comes out of an ice age.


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