What Would You Do?

You are interviewing three candidates: one a man, one a woman, and one a pregnant woman. They are all equally qualified for the position. Who do you hire and why? Please comment with your reasoning.


One response to “What Would You Do?

  1. Well, I’d pray about it and see what the Lord would want me to do. No really I’d have to ask and see of the pregnant women was going to stay home or was planning on working after the baby and I’d probably want it in writing that she would be planning on coming back to work for such and such amount of time. It seems unfair but depending on the job I would want someone who would be there long term. To hire and train someone cost time and money and it would be most cost effective to hire someone who would not be leaving the company within the next 8 months especially of she’s not anymore qualified than someone who would be staying longer. Other than that, I wouldn’t care though, I’d probably be more inclined to hire the man or regular women depending on the job and if I thought it was better suited for a specific gender.