PC Update

PC’s doing well. He has a follow up appointment tomorrow.

One of the biggest parts of the ICD, well there are a lot of big things, but in this case, a thing that’s really not that significant, unless you’ve spent you’re entire married life letting someone else do it, is that PC’s not allowed to drive. That means that I did all the driving these last two weeks. We’re hoping the doctor will lift that prohibition tomorrow, for both our sakes. I hate to drive, especially here, and PC get’s very frustrated because I don’t take the best route to places. And, heaven forbid, if I’m talking, I get very distracted and do things like miss my turn (or exit).

Today’s our fourth wedding anniversary. It’s only been four years? Just kidding, of course. But it seems like I’ve been married forever, and then it also seems like just yesterday I was walking down the aisle toward the man who would become my husband in a few short minutes. A lot of life has happened since then, like my husband dying (the doctor said it, not me).

I’m not taking it lightly, even though I pretend to on the outside. Inside, I still want to cry, and feel that familiar lump form when I think about what didn’t happen. There aren’t any what ifs for me. There’s just the thank GOD that he allowed PC to live.

On that note, I’m headed off to celebrate four blissful years(with some not so blissful moments).


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