Updates on PC

PC is doing well and he was released to drive again, right before our anniversary. Actually, the 27th, but just in time for love and romance weekend. PC doesn’t have to take any medications as a result of the device. The doctors had him on a beta blocker, but the doctor didn’t see that he needed to continue them. The beta blocker is supposed to stop the abnormal heart rhythm that causes PC’s heart to stop. Except PC was on the beta blocker when the EKG picked up the abnormal wave, so I’m not too sure. Of course, they were electrically stimulating his heart trying to make it stop at the time. Sorry, back to the beta blocker. The doctor said we wouldn’t know if PC needed it unless he went off it and had another episode. We’re praying for no more episodes.

The device is a personal barometer. It’s been bothering him since the humidity went up. Go figure. I don’t have to call my mom-in-law any more to find out if it’s going to rain, my husband can do it now.

(Honey, you’re not reading this, right?)

To be very real for a moment. Adjusting to the ICD is a lot harder than I anticipated. It makes me hurt whenever it’s bothering PC. It doesn’t physically bother me, I just hurt for PC. Does that make sense? You can see the outline where the device sits, and certain shirts allow it to show through. (Think bra lines for women, you know there are some bras that you can’t wear with certain shirts because they show.) It’s taking some adjustment to get used to the change. I don’t find it repulsive or disturbing. In fact, it’s a part of PC now, and I accept it as such. In fact, I don’t even notice it unless PC says something.

Otherwise, everything is good. No episodes, PC drives again, and no medication! God is good.


One response to “Updates on PC

  1. Jon’s dad has a pace maker and it’s kinda weird to feel under the skin, but he’s my FIL not my husband.

    I’m glad to hear he’s doing relatively well and can tell the weather.

    I hope the monsoon season ends soon.