Court Stories

This is too funny to be made up; taken from an email by my boss who was in court this morning.

A pro per [person representing himself] was arguing his motion for Johnson to recuse herself. Apparently Hardcastle (the chief judge) had already heard the motion and issued an administrative order denying it. In response to the pro per’s continued argument, Johnson cited Hardcastle’s order. The pro per got really agitated. Oh, and he was wearing a white polo with the following in red on both the front and back: “Don’t vote for Judge Johnson. She doesn’t follow the law.” Judge Johnson’s name was circled and crossed-out.

When Johnson finally re-denied the motion, the pro per stood up and declared in open court that Johnson had failed to follow the law, that by doing so she had broken the law and committed a misdemeanor. He further declared that because the crime was committed in his presence, it was his civic obligation to effect a citizen’s arrest. He then asked Judge Johnson if she would submit to a citizen’s arrest. The bailiff’s hand went right to the firearm on his hip. Judge Johnson declined his offer.


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