Cotton ’08

Sick of all the corruption? Sick of the two faced politicians?  Do something about it.  Vote for Anna Cotton in 2008.


6 responses to “Cotton ’08

  1. now remind me why i told you what i was changing my name to?

  2. um…i am moving far away. you are scaring me with the last name hot dog.
    yes that is it i will change my name to Zzyzzx Hot Dog. yeah that should do the trick.

  3. um… do i have another option? if you are elected i am running scared.
    ha ha ha

  4. I would vote for you, at least we would get honesty. Right now I don’t believe any of them.

  5. What are you up to, now? Honestly, if I don’t watch you kids every second . . . .

  6. Love it, you get my vote. On a serious note, I do like the Gov. of Alaska.