Don’t Believe Everything You See on TV

How can two “news” stations report the exact same events in two ways that are nearly opposite?  I say it’s all propaganda. 

Case in point.  On Cable, Fox News and CNN are right next to each other.  CNN definitely has a democratic or Obama slant and Fox a republican or McCain slant.  While Fox was praising Palin’s speech, CNN was condemning. CNN even went so far as to say that McCain and Palin met just three weeks ago right before naming her.  That the republicans rushed into their choice.  If the republicans were rushed, why wouldn’t they pick someone like Romney or Huckabee?  At least those two are known.

There were other inconsistencies that will be addressed item by item at another time.

It doesn’t matter who you vote for, but it does matter that you make an informed decision and vote.  Do not just take what the news says as gospel, but check it out for yourself. Most of all, vote.  Don’t let anyone else decide the election for your. 

In order to see what your candidate, or the opposition, really does in the Senate, search at the Library of Congress,  From this seach page you may see what bills were sponsored by the candidates, and there are other links to see what bills your candidate voted for and against.  You may see whether their legislation was enacted. 

John McCain’s campaign website is

Barack Obama’s campaign website is


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