Heart Songs

Today dawned clear and hot.  Now, at nearly four, the sky is overcast, and the wind in blowing.  Thunder is rumbling in the distance.  Nothing makes my heart sing like a thunder storm.  I watched the storms develop all afternoon. Now, it’s game time, and I’m off in just about an hour to enjoy them.

Living in Las Vegas, we get about ten stormy days a year.  It’s probably more than that, but storms are few and far between, and the storms we get do not last very long. I came from Colorado, where the storms were not only frequent, but so violent that the reverberating thunder set off the burgler alarm.

At work I recently changed offices from an office where I could lean 12″ or so to the right and see out a window that faces South to an office with two windows directly in front of me that face West. Amazing what windows and storms do to my heart.


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