Obama’s Faith

On Sumday, September 7, 2008, during an interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, Sen. Obama accidentally referred to his Muslim faith.  Of course, he was addressing the rumors that he was Muslim and probably intended to say Christian faith.  It is funny, however.  Click here for he article and video clip from the interview. (“Oops! Barack Obama says ‘my Muslim faith’ in interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos” by Matthew Nickerson, September 8, 2008.)   Click here for an article from the Washington Post. (“Obama’s verbal slip fuels his critics” by Christina Bellantoni, September 7, 2008.)

Or, just listent to it yourself, Sen. Obama’s slip is around 2:50.


2 responses to “Obama’s Faith

  1. While I will normally take a neutral line when I mention events, I will allow my readers to comment with their views as long as it’s nice. In this case, Wowszer, I would like you to express your opinions more clearly. Why do you think Obama is lying and why do you think he won’t become president?

  2. Obama needs 2 stop lying…hes not going 2 become president