Our Son

To enliven this Thursday, which is inevitably dragging on as we anticipate Friday, I thought I would share a picture of our son. Yes, I know I said we didn’t have any children, just two cats.  Meet Junior:



This Junior is not to be confused with my brother Jr.  Junior’s in the arms of his proud Papa (grandpa).  PC’s parents were able to meet Junior while PC was hospitalized.  Don’t tell my parents that the other parents were allowed to meet Junior first.


4 responses to “Our Son

  1. wouldn’t you know you have a kid and it looks just like Jr. ironic that Junior looks like Jr.

  2. WOW our nephew is a handsome one.

  3. I thought the picture was just as cute as pie, Junior in Papa’s lap, which is why I snapped it in the first place; or were we just bored out of our minds waiting for the doctors? Both I think.

  4. I think he’s cute, especially in the golf hat!