The phone rang before 6:00AM. Without looking at the caller ID, I knew who it was.  Mentally, I prepared myself as I answered the phone.  I knew that it was bad, I knew what it was, but the pain I was expecting was nothing like the pain I felt after the caller gave me the message. Tears filled my eyes and I hung up the phone. A lump rose in my throat and the pain of grief settled in my heart.  There was nothing else to say, and the caller had others to call. My husband wrapped his comforting arms around me, but no consolation, no matter how true, eased the pain. I knew it was coming, I knew it was soon, but I wasn’t ready.

Even on the trip for the funeral, the pain was unbelievable. I knew for months that it was coming, and grieved, but I didn’t know how much more grief I would experience. I didn’t know how much I would grieve after the funeral and how, even now, the pain is still fresh. I miss my grandmother.

It’s just a couple weeks before the anniversary of my grandmother’s passing two years ago, and I am flying out again.  Not for a funeral, but because my grandfather is very ill, and the warning are dire; they don’t expect him to make it.

Please pray for our family. While I don’t want my grandfather to pass away, he’s lonely, he’s old, and he’s ill.  Also, pray for healing in a broken relationship, I think this is the reason he’s held on so long, because he wants to repair a relationship.


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