Setting Invisible Zippers (in honor of Works for me Wednesday)

At one point, maybe 12 months ago, if you told me I needed to set a zipper, especially an invisible zipper, you’d see all the color drain from my face. Why did I have this unbelievable fear of setting a zipper? I was under the impression that zippers were hard to set. Now, 12+ zippers later, that fear is gone and it takes me less than 10 minutes to set a 22″ zipper.

I do not have an invisible zipper foot at this moment is because the shop where I purchased my Pfaff is out of them.  The zipper foot that came with the machine is not adequate and I can’t set the needle close enough to the edge of the zipper. This means the fabric gaps away from the zipper, especially after washing the dress.  To solve this problem, I used a small amount of fusible tape along the fold to hold the fold, and consequently, the fabric doesn’t pull away from the zipper.

I purchased a better zipper foot last night that allows me to place the needle closer to the coil. It leaves a 1/16″ gap between the stitching and coil rather than the nearly 1/4″ gap the other foot left. However, after discovering the miraculous results of using fusible tape to hold my crease, I may continue to use it so I won’t have to re-press the crease every time I iron.

I am not a veteran in sewing by any stretch of the imagination, and there are probably better ways of setting and invisible zipper so it actually stays hidden, this is just my newly discovered way of setting it.

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  1. I hate, hate to put in zippers. Thanks for the tip! Maybe someday….lol

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