Healthcare Concerns

An email I sent to Sen. McCain’s campaign today. We’ll see if they actually answer.

Re: Healthcare

I am having some trouble understanding Sen. McCain’s healthcare plan after the debate. What he said in the debate is not completely addressed in his issues section on the campaign website.  From what I heard it sounds like we will be taxed on any health care benefits we receive, which would be offset by the $5000 tax coupon to buy coverage. I understand the taxable health care benefits to be those bills paid by insurance.  To me this is troubling because my insured husband was in the hospital this summer and had over $300,000 in medical bills paid by insurance. If I were taxed on these benefits, that would leave me very little income for 2008 to pay the rest of my bills.  Please point me to more information about Sen. McCain’s healthcare plan beyond what’s mentioned under issues on his campaign website. Thank you.


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