Crafty Giveaway

Would you like to win a $10 Jo-Ann’s gift card? If the answer is yes, just comment and answer one simple question: If you could be anything you wanted for Halloween, cost and costume being no object, what would it be? Contest will close when I reach 25 unique answers and I will draw the winner’s name from a hat.

Updated: 10-15-08 if you refer someone over here and they say in their comment that you referred them, then I will put your name in the hat again for each referral.

It should be noted that this giveaway is not sponsored in any way by Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store and Cotton Costumes nor Anna Cotton are in any way affiliated with Jo-Anns.


30 responses to “Crafty Giveaway

  1. So who is the winner?

  2. I have a winner…

  3. I would like to be TinkerBell. I think that would be so cute! Thanks!

  4. I would dress up as a Princess!

  5. Ohio State legendary coach Woody Hayes

  6. Glinda the good witch could be a great costume

  7. I would love to be Cinderella!!! The real costume and hair etc!! Okay I want a carriage to take mearound!

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  10. Our baby is going as the Creature from the black lagoon.

    Referred by Lacey.

  11. I have 15 unique entries. 10 to go. Refer your friends and tell them to tell me you sent them to be entered in the drawing a second time.

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  13. i would dress up as wonderwoman!! with a really pretty lasso and great hair like hers which would cost quite a pretty penny to fix up like that, mine is wavy and it just settles in a non wonderwoman way 🙂

  14. A knight in shining armor. Thanks for having a great giveaway.

  15. I would love an extravagant Witches costume, with lots of layers and colors!

    Referred by Lacey! She would make a cute Lady bug!

  16. The one we couldn’t find this year was Sully from Monsters inc. we have a daughter who would make a perfect Boo!

    Referred by Lacey

  17. I would want to be Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. Would be fun! Thanks!

  18. I would be Marie Antoinette!

  19. I would go as a perfectly outfitted Gashlycrumb Tiney from Edward Gorey’s adorable (and spooky) series. Maybe Zillah (who drank too much gin)!

  20. I’m going to be a witch. I just need to finish the costume and find some great accessories.

  21. scratch the pirate costume…. i would be a house….with a chimney and two little (i use the term little very loosely) feet sticking out (probably yours) door bell too.

    Knowing my luck i would probably end up going out in the rain and electrocuting myself.

  22. ok correction I though it was what you would buy from jo-annes, lol. I would be arcee from the transformers, she pink, metal and a hottie!

  23. If money were no object I would buy every single halloween decoration in the store, it’s my absolute favorite holiday and I do it up every year, the more decorations the better!

  24. a ghostedsess.

  25. A really cool ghost.

  26. I would be a big Present, i would wrap myself in wrappin paper and put a BOW on me and put to you from me…

  27. This comment doesn’t count toward the 25, but I need 25 unique visitors to comment. Yes, you may put an answer in for your husband, wife, son, daughter, sister, brother, etc.

  28. i would be……….a pirate, arg

  29. Carla Pullum

    I would love to be the coolest lady Pirate!

  30. I would be a very cute ladybug. I just think being a ladybug makes anyone cute.

    So, can I comment 25 times, or can I only do this once?

    Can I make a comment for my husband?