Current Projects

I’m working on a skirt made from coordinating fat quarters that I started at least 12 months ago. All pieces are cut out and the waist band is stitched together.  Pictures to come soon.

I decided to fix the denim skirt to fit me instead of just throwing it in the give away pile. I liked the skirt and I’m not going to let it defeat me in this manner.

I’m determined to finish my witchy Halloween costume that I started two years ago. I started the costume in August ’06. It was right after I finished this Red Medieval Gown, before I was commissioned to make this Purple Medieval Gown, and a Renaissance Costume for mom.


One response to “Current Projects

  1. I decided to fix the denim skirt by adding an elastic waist and just stitching the side where the zipper is together since it is so large. And now the entire blogging world knows I have very little in the way of hips.

    Of course, I paused my work on the fat quarters skirt to finish my halloween costume.