Halloween Costume

View A, the white one.

Burda 8198

Burda 8198



This is the main fabric, net that shifts between black and metallic pink. Laid this over black costume satin, as pictured next.

Material and Black Costume Satin Pattern Pieces

Material and Black Costume Satin Pattern Pieces


7 responses to “Halloween Costume

  1. Another comment, my concern was not making the darts because I’ve done dozens of darts, my concern was marking the net and creating the dart. I think I’ll add the satin under the upper part of the sleeve to make things a little easier.

  2. Thank you for the nice comments. I finished the bodice portion only (sans sleeves) this weekend. My goal is to have the overskirt done tonight and the underskirt done tomorrow, then attach to bodice, insert zipper and set sleeves this weekend.

    PC is considering an Obama costume for the party on Halloween so I may not do the jacket. It would be a riot.

    Sorry Lacey, Lilah won.

  3. Good going..! Excited to see your entire Halloween costume.

  4. Who won the card?

    So do I get entered an extra time for everyone who was referred by me? I counted 3, though I understand if you only have me in there twice.

    I love spending money.

  5. I think it’ll look nice. I’ve never had to do darts before. Good luck.

    Yeah, I think next year I might make myself a costume. I’m not sure what, but it’ll have to be something good.

    I was asked to make table runners for my friends wedding.
    I still have the apron, bonnet and pantaloons for Hannah’s costume.

    The wedding is November 16th.

    I think I’m crazy.

  6. i think satin under the upper part would be good, i’m sure whatever you decide to do will make the result come out just lovely 😀

  7. sounds like it’s going to come out great! the picture of the costume looks really nice and i LOVE the color of the fabric you are going to use