Sewing, Blogging, Working…

My days are not nearly long enough. I work a regular 8-5 job, commute for less than 20 minutes a direction (the reason I took this job), then try to do housework, cook, write, blog, read, and sew in the evenings. Forget exercise, though I badly need to add that to my routine. By writing out a schedule this week I realize how little I have in the way of time. Then, there are the unplanned events that demand attention like school plays, political rallies, and meals with family. All of this and no children.

All of this is my excuse for not posting more pictures of my sewing. So, for your entertainment, I invite you to my daily blog, Cotton Clippings, to view pictures of the Sarah Palin Rally I attended Tuesday.

I’m considering whether I should attend Sen. Obama’s rally on Saturday. It will basically kill my entire day because doors open at 12PM, I want to arrive at least an hour early, figure at least a 1/2 hour drive to the location (probably more like 45 min.) and he’s not actually slated to speak until 3PM. Then figure an hour for the speech, another hour to depart, and another 45 minutes drive home. If I attend the rally, I will not finish my costume in time for Halloween. Also, if I do not sew, I will not be able to start that new giveaway this week.

Which is more important, sewing or politics?

What should I do? Sew so I can post more photos of my project (and actually finish after two years) or attend the rally?

If I told you I already attended a rally at which Sen. Obama was a speaker, would that change your mind?


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