New Hobby

On September 28, 2008, I decided to sketch the profile of my grandfather watching TV. At that time, I discovered that I could actually draw. I guess it should have been obvious that I could draw since I sketch costumes all the time, but never ever in my life did I try to draw from a live subject. I have a long way to go before I decide to show any of my sketches.

In order to improve I decided to pick up a few books on drawing from the library.

Library Drawing Books

Library Drawing Books

I believe, without going to count them, that I have 10 books. I picked up at least five about drawing lifelike portraits, two on landscapes, a couple on life drawing, one about perspective and one about fashion sketching.

I am working on a sketch from a picture from Different Stroke’s Blog. Every Wednesday the author posts a photo and the readers have a week to complete a drawing/painting from the photo and the author puts those pictures up on the blog for all readers to evaluate. If I finish the sketch tomorrow, I may scan it and put it up here, but I’m a little too chicken to submit it to the Different Stroke’s blog just yet.

I’m sewing and designing right now instead of writing. Also, I am reading Madman by Tracey Groot for a Blog Book Club. I need to have it finished by the 31st as well as the costume I’m working on over at Cotton Costumes.

Nothing like the last minute, right?


One response to “New Hobby

  1. I right there in the last minute with you. I’ve got half of the book left … I have to get cracking!! Look forward to seeing your sketches sometime soon!