Politics aren’t Helping the Planet

We received all this in the mail TODAY. I hate the amount of junk mail we already receive, then you add politics. I’m voting for the people who sent me less waste.

Today it would be McCain. I received mail from Obama, and I am not a member of his party.

Political Junk Mail

Political Junk Mail


2 responses to “Politics aren’t Helping the Planet

  1. I’ll be voting Tuesday.

    No political calls for me, PC gets a lot.

  2. I just love the stuff against Joe Heck.

    “To heck with us.”

    That’s just so lame it’s funny.

    I’m not in his district, so I find it funny to make fun of politics involving him.

    My MIL recycles a lot and she mentioned how she hates the plasticized mail since you can’t recycle it.

    Have you been receiving phone calls from the McCain campaign?

    We got three just today.

    One was a survey and Jon agreed to answer the three questions.
    They asked if he would be voting and if he was would he be voting for McCain.

    He said no.

    They said thank you and hung up.

    I don’t think that was three questions.

    Did you early vote or will you be like me and need to vote on Tuesday?

    I can go during the day so I’m hoping it’s not too busy.