Town Square

After writing my post about the Las Vegas Must See List I discovered I skipped an important shopping, eating, and non-gaming venue: Town Square. It’s at the south end of the Strip, just south of the airport. I was reminded when PC and I went there for date night.

There’s a movie theatre, numerous restaurants, upscale (yet mostly affordable) shopping, and an Apple store. I know, the Apple store is the most important attraction (and I don’t even own an Apple computer).

It’s a little village, with shops and restaurants lining the streets, and condos or businesses leasing the space above. There’s a comedy (stage) theatre that isn’t quite open yet. In the center, there is a large grassy area with a pond and outdoor stage that features live performers. Next to this is a children’s area featuring all sorts of multi-level play houses with tiled roofs and even miniature staircases. My favorite house has a wrought iron spiral staircase to the second level and a kitchen in the ground level.

For whatever reason, every time we go to Town Square I think of Christmas. This may be because it opened near Christmas time last year, and we actually visited the first time on its opening weekend.


One response to “Town Square

  1. Sounds good, maybe we should go there sometime since we can’t go to our favorite tea shop anymore. Sigh!