New Baby

I have a new baby, sewing machine that is, not human.

This weekend I purchased a Pfaff 138-6 industrial tailoring machine, and the seller gave me six boxes of misc. sewing supplies for purchasing the machine. The machine and misc. sewing supplies belonged to his mother.  I spent all weekend reorganizing my sewing room to fit another machine, reorganzing my supplies to fit in all the new supplies, and organizing my fabric. I’m not finished yet.

I should have taken a picture of my sewing room after I purchased the machine and before I put most of my new things away, it truly was dismal. Ask Kid, she saw it. (Kid is my youngest sister).

I now have two shelves of material, instead of one. Also, have more thread, zippers, bias tape, trim, elastic and seam tape than I could ever use. I also have a variety of usable remnants, and some absolutely ugly material.  I need to research thread though, because I thought I read something about thread breaking down after a while. This is how old the thread is, it’s on wooden spools and sold for 10 cents!

Don’t forget about my apron giveaway. I would love to see 50 people enter (since I had that many hits on the post). 

Right now I am working on finishing the trim on one of my Puri-Tea gowns, which brings up another good story. I went to Jo-Ann’s on Saturday to look for some more lace to finish the collar. I reversed the lace to point down, instead of up, which took more lace. I was about 6″ short on either side. Jo-Ann’s was out of the lace. I consoled myself by buying 10 yards of bridal satin, 8 yards of daisy printed lace, and several yards of denim all for $2/yard.

Later, when I was cleaning out the sewing room, guess what I found? Two 6″ pieces of lace just long enough to finish the collar. Praise God!

Total, this month, I’ve purchased about 50 yards of material. I purchased 10 yards of white brocade (that Kid says looks like vinyl flooring) and 14 yards of red fashion fabric earlier this month, as well as some fabric for a Christmas gift to someone who reads this blog.

This week, my goal is to finish the alterations to the blue Puri-Tea gown, make and finish the tunic for my customer, and sew two Christmas gifts. If I’m especially ambitious, I’ll also make some more items for sale on Etsy. (I’m waiting to list my items until I have 10; I have 2 right now). I need to update my website, create brochures, and purchase new business cards too. Wish me luck.


3 responses to “New Baby

  1. andre harrington

    I am looking for a shirring/gather foot for our industrial Pfaff 138-6 sewing machine. We at Cal State San Bernardino theatre arts department costume shop would be grateful for any help in locating one. thank you

    andre harrington
    Assistant Professor
    Theatre Arts/Design

  2. I am looking for accessories for the Pfaff 138. If anyone has any that would fit this machine I am interested. Please contact me at my e-mail. Thanks and if anyone knows of a good supplier that would help too.

    Happy sewing !

  3. You have been a busy young lady, even busier than usual. Don’t forget to get some rest or you’ll end up like I was acouple of weeks ago. I told my husband, “I know it’s only 5:30 PM but I can’t keep my eyes open. I’m going to take a brief nap and then we can go out to dinner later.” It was 5:30 AM when I awakened! No rest this weekend either. Sister is arrivinf tomorrow, Saturday is ladies luncheon at church and I’m making all of the coffee and iced tea for it. I have to go shopping for the creamers, coffee, etc. yet. In addition, I’ve misplaced my church keys. Sunday is birthday dinner for the sister with 17 of us attending. I have to make her an angel food cake and garnish it with strawberries for her birthday. It is her favorite. I guess we all need rest don’t we?