Terry Goodkind

I will be meeting Terry Goodkind at a private party on Saturday.

A month or more ago, PC worked with some friends who were making a movie of part of one of Mr. Goodkind’s books. They filmed at a house in Boulder City. My husband was responsible for decorating the set/house. 

Side note for readers who don’t know, PC has a degree in Theatre, and focused mainly on Theatre Tech, which includes things like set building.

PC came home after finishing the set and asked me did I know an author named Terry Goodkind. Well, of course I do, in fact, I started reading his series just before PC was hospitalized, and I was in fact, reading one of the books in the series at that time. I, naturally, wanted to meet Mr. Goodkind, but I was too late and Mr. Goodkind already left Las Vegas. I was bummed.

Incidentally, more side notes, PC asked me if I would help him with the set, but I declined because I was up to my eyeballs in making the Puri-Tea gowns, which you can read about over here. If I planned ahead, and finished the gowns early, I would have helped PC and would have met Mr. Goodkind.

Snap back to the present, the staff and cast who made the movie are all having a party on Saturday, at Mr. Goodkind’s home, and I’m invited since I’m PC’s spouse.

I need to go to the bookstore ASAP and pick up a hardcover version of the book for an autograph.

No, I’m not the least bit star struck. I am, however, excited to meet a published author since I wish to be one myself someday soon.


One response to “Terry Goodkind

  1. Good for you! Meet him and get some tips. I remember the book you were reading at the time PC was in the hospital. I think I was going to borrow it to read next but life was too crazy at that time.