Terry Goodkind p. 2

I met Mr. Goodkind on Saturday evening!

He was great and human, imagine that, a human being human. He autographed both the Wizard’s First Rule that I brought and Faith of the Fallen, the book that I’m to in the series. He gave me Faith of the Fallen. I was somewhat scared to ask him for an autograph, but he said he loved when people asked because it was like reliving the first time all over again, or something like that. Did I mention that I was a little star struck? I may have been one of the few people there who actually read his books. I didn’t have my picture taken with him, but PC did since PC helped with the short film.

Mr. Goodkind’s wife was a charming hostess, and I got the impression that they were very much devoted to each other. I loved to see that devotion.

Mr. and Mrs. Goodkind conducted a tour of their home and we were able to see his office, where he writes, I presume. There was a sign posted above the door “No one gets in to see the Wizard. No Way. No How.” On googling the phrase, I believe this may actually be a quote from the Wizard of Oz.

Mr. Goodkind has all the original artwork from his book covers hanging throughout his house. More notable is that Mr. Goodkind is an artist, so there are a number of his own paintings also hanging throughout the house. I knew he was an artist, but forgot until I was looking at the pictures and read his name at the bottom.

All in all, it was an enjoyable evening and I was very honored and privileged to meet a best selling author.


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