Feminine v. Feminist

I am a working woman for the time being but I fully intend, if we are able, to stay home with our children when they come. I do believe there are fundamental differences between men and women and that God created us differently.

I am a working woman. It’s very difficult to be a working women. Gender discrimination still exists, though it’s less obvious, and more behind closed doors. This discrimination takes the form of being talked down to by co-workers, men and women alike, just because I’m a young woman. It’s actually rather insulting to my intelligence.  There is a difference between the way I’m talked to and the way that men are talked to when approaching a new subject.  I feel like I have more to prove than a man would.  I’ve heard men complain about women in upper level management positions simply because the position is held by a woman not because something is wront with her or her work.  Also, there is the question of salary and whether I actually make as much as a man would in my same position. 

Is gender discrimination (as described above) acceptable? Why or why not?

Women, do any of you notice the same subtle gender discrimination? How do you deal with it?

Men, do any of you notice gender discrimination when dealing with women?


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