Rose Sketch

With trepidation, I am publishing a sketch I drew tonight. This is my first color sketch of a life subject.

Love Potion Rose

Love Potion Rose

Note I do sketch costumes and fashion designs and learned to draw human forms and features from books. Drawing from life is new for me.
I’m holding my breath as I press publish, scared that my drawing is too juvenile.

5 responses to “Rose Sketch

  1. Also, I free sketched in the walls and rock details since I was becoming overwhelmed at the amount of detail the picture was requiring. Kid, when you read this, I need to post the picture you took that I based my sketch on since I can’t find a digital copy of it now.

  2. Much better than I could do, this is not a talent the Lord has blessed me with.

  3. I realized while washing dishes it sounds like I’m saying you don’t have artistic talent, but what I meant was some people have more artistic talent than others, and some need to developed and work at it a little harder.

    Like I’m very good at copying the work of others, to some degree since I’m not very artsy, but I’m not good at creating.

  4. It’s juvenile in the fact that you’re untrained and still learning, but I’m pretty sure most of us, except those who have an artistic talent and are trained, could do no better than what you’ve posted.