Sunday Night Excitement

I was driving south on Eastern.  At the movie theatre, I was passed by four police cars, which made me think there was something serious going on; after pulling over for 20 more, it was obviously something big.

I approached Eastern and St. Rose, some of the police cars turned right on St. Rose and some continued up Eastern.

I had no idea where they were headed and there was nothing on the news. You would think that such a disturbance would warrant a media response.

I continued home not knowing where the police were headed.

Then there was a helicopter with a searchlight circling. From the place at which I was when I spotted it, I could not tell exactly where they were looking, but it could have been my neighborhood. 

I continued home.

The elementary school parking lot was full of officers and police cars. No swat team van, though.

At this point, there was still no media.

Backing up, Saturday evening (the night before) I had a nightmare about someone breaking into my house.

I was a little scared when I saw the neighborhoods across the street from the elementary school, on the east side of the street were blocked off by police cars and caution tape.

My little mind starts over thinking the situation. Was the dream a vision? Should I turn back and go somewhere safe?

The postitives are that it didn’t happen in my neighborhood and the person who caused the ruckus was taken into custody.

The negatives, it seems like there are a lot of “incidents” like this one in Seven Hills, and it’s supposed to be in a “good” part of town.

The media this morning reports very little except there was an armed standoff near Seven Hills and Sunridge Heights. It’s very little coverage for the ruckus it caused.


4 responses to “Sunday Night Excitement

  1. In case anyone is worried, I write about events in an entertaining manner adding drama and flare. I inheirited my story telling skills from my father.

    John: there was the man who was shot at Sunridge Heights and Coronado Center, the girl who was raped near my house, and there are a lot of break ins. Many things do not make the news, but check the crime rate in our area.

    It’s not that I want to hear all the bad stuff, I just want to know why there are a million police men in the community and what’s going on. It’s scary when there’s no news and you’re right next to it.

    I did see later that there was media attention. I didn’t realize until later that the shooting didn’t happen until 9:45PM, right as I was getting home. That explains the lack of the media when I drove by. I wasn’t faulting them, but was surprised last night was all.

    As far as dreams, my dream could have been stemmed in part by the cats knocking off a vase while I slept, which my brain heard and turned into a story instead of waking me up.

  2. It doesn’t matter what part of town you may be in anymore. If somebody loses it it doesn’t matter age/race/sex/religion/financial status.
    There was a mdeia response, as I was heading home after turning off of St Rose to Seven hills I came across 2 news vans. And there was plenty of it on the news when I got home. I get to see and hear about enough bad stuff going on,and you are worried about this not warranting more attention? Frankly I wish I didn’t have to see every little thing bad that happens. There is nothing anyone is going to be able to do to prevent an occurence like this and it can happen anywhere at anytime. Even in our precious Seven Hills community.
    Feel bad for the 3 police that were injured trying to protect us.
    Also, I have been living here in this community for over a year and have not seen ‘a lot of incidents’ so maybe you are a little paranoid? Or maybe there is something deeper and more meaningful to why you would have a dream such as the one you did.

  3. We saw the report on breaking news on the 10:00 PM news. The huge police response was due to three policeman being shot. They are all doing well and two were already released from the hospital. I’m guessing since they were minor injuries it faded from the headlines pretty quick. We are glad you and PC are OK. God is good.

  4. They had breaking news on the 10 o’clock news hour, but that was it, and I was watching a movie for the rest of the night, at least until I fell asleep.

    I’m glad to hear you’re safe. I had a dream that I was pregnant, but I’m not as far as I know.

    But, crazy people are everywhere, there are just areas where more incidents occur.