New Years Eve 2008: Ringing in 2009

The fireworks show in Las Vegas this year was pathetic compared to years past. According to local media, the reason the fireworks were  pathetic was because new rules were passed requiring casinos (in this case) to submit a plan for approval before firing fireworks from the top of their building. This rule is supposedly a safety measure passed after the Monte Carlo fire in Jan. 2008. I did not research the validity of the media’s claims.

In Jan. 2008 the facade of the Monte Carlo caught fire due to sparks from a welder. Little known fact, a lot of the facades on the casinos are made from Styrofoam, very flammable, but easily replaced in case of damage. I should dig out some pictures, if I have them, of the facade of the Monte Carlo after the fire. Mercifully, the fire was rather minor despite the flames and smoke.

The trouble I have is understanding how shooting the fireworks from the ground is reducing the risk of fire, but I suppose it made sense to the lawmakers.


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