Anna’s Misadventures in LaLa Land


Large reward to the person who can find building “P” on this map.

Last night I left work at 5:00 on the dot. Arrived for class at the West Charleston campus around 5:50PM.

Maybe being out of school made me forget what a zoo college parking lots are. Zoo. Ha, that’s an understatement. The left turn late on Charleston into the campus was backed up to Jones. I turned on Torrey Pines and had to wait through 5-6 lights. The line for Torrey Pines was much shorter.

Above is the path I took looking for my class in a building that doesn’t exist. Don’t believe me, you point out building P. I thought that the letter designation with my room number meant building H at the beginning. Infact, there were classes in building H that had a P before the room number. The only problem was there were only 9 classrooms on the first floor and I needed a number higher than 9.

I asked a student on the way to class where building P was. They pointed toward Opportunity Village.  See, I went looking for it.

Then, when I determined they were crazy, I returned, pulled the campus map above up on my iPhone, and decided to go to the Student Services building. I wasn’t even sure that anyone would be in the building to help me after hours.

Mercifully, or so I though, they were and I asked the information desk about building P. They said that’s actually a different building and gave me directions on how to get there. I never did find the back staircase that she referenced and went to the wrong building behind the Student Services building.

However, not to be deterred, I do plan to find my class on Thursday. Turns out I was almost there when I gave up last night. (I figured since I missed half of the class anyway that there was no point to continue searching). Needless to say, I parked in the exact right place, right next to the building I needed, and would have made it to class in time had I know what builiding to go to in the first place.

Oh, to help you to feel my pain, these were the shoes I was wearing last night.

Tall Shoes


4 responses to “Anna’s Misadventures in LaLa Land

  1. i saw something with the letter P in the lower left corner. all the way at the bottom on the edge

  2. But at least it gave you a chance to have a good dinner that you would have missed otherwise!

  3. So what class are you taking?

    I thought you were talking about kids choir in your other post.

    I think they should not be allowed to have a Building P when they also label parking P.

    • I’m taking Watercolor and Drawing.

      I agree, no buildings P when parking is labeled P too. But see, building P never existed anyway, the campus didn’t fix the mistake.