Kidmo Production Club

We kicked off our Children’s Ministries midweek program for the Winter/Spring quarter last night.

This quarter, instead of some sort of choir project or musical, we’re working on two videos to supplement the Sunday morning program.  (There is also worship, snack, game or craft, and memory verse work in addition to the video projects.)

Just a note, anything that says movies is instantly a hit with elementary school aged children. When we announced our project the din from the students cheering was deafening and a little overwhelming for some of the students.

We have two teams, yellow and blue, which are the colors of Kidmo (the Sunday morning program), and also happen to correspond to the colors of the rooms we’re using.

The projects will require each team to write and produce a 3-5 minute skit that will be recorded. Producing it will include building set or props, costuming, filming, directing, everything.

We had several new students. One of the leaders, who happens to also lead the Children’s program on Sunday mornings, is taking full responsibility for the new members because she “plugged Wednesday” in her small group on Sunday.

I can take some responsibility for the repeats, right, since I reminded students and parents on Sunday?

Our meticulously planned schedule was off track fairly quickly. It was the first night and there was a lot of excitement.  Before you decide I’m a terrible person or poor time manager, know that we (the leaders) discussed the schedule at a leaders meeting last week and knew that it was adaptable a guideline. If we were determined to stick to the schedule, in exact order, at specific times, I think it would have just created stress not fun.  Our goals were accomplished and the students had fun which is what mattered.

One story. One of the new students was reading the schedule on the board, asking me what each item was. When we reached the end of the list he says “Is that all?” I say yes. He says “Bummer.” I smiled and gave him a hug.  Nothing like a little encouragement from your students to brighten the day.


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