Random Updates

I complain about bloggers who use bulleted lists instead of writing paragraphs, so feel free to complain:

  • Watercolor is fun but EXPENSIVE.
  • My first watercolor painting was about 1″x3″ 10″x12″ paper. 
  • Yes one inch by three inch on ten inch by twelve inch paper.
  • I got complimented by the professor on my perspective.
  • I was teased for painting a miniature.
  • I never used real watercolors before last week.
  • I started getting sick Friday.
  • I thought it was allergies.
  • I was wrong.
  • I spent A LOT of MONEY on art supplies.
  • I worked on Sunday.
  • Am I damned now?
  • I work for a home-builder.
  • I didn’t buy a house Sunday.
  • Our heater died sometime Sunday.
  • It was 45 degrees outside today and 60 inside.
  • I stayed home sick from work today.
  • I have the cutest little travel hairdryer my mom gave me for use in Watercolor.
  • I never owned a hairdryer before today.
  • My hair reaches my waist and has been this length nearly all my life.
  • Drying my hair with a hairdryer takes more energy than running the air conditioner in July.

4 responses to “Random Updates

  1. its funny the rest of our family does not seem to have this problem. true though dad does see to have that problem. if something can go wrong, it will

  2. What do you mean “only you”? Dad has the same luck.

    There’s an expression for this, when it rains it pours.

  3. I’m sorry your sick and your heater is down, especially since we’re finally getting more winter like weather.

    Art supplies are expensive. Jon bought pencils and stuff in 2007 after I got him a drawing book for Christmas, but I’m sure they were cheaper than water colors.