Just for Fun on Friday

While paragraphs are beginning to form in my mind again, one more list.

  • Watercolor was awesome yesterday.
  • We did waves again.
  • We did a tree exercise too, which I decided to do first.
  • I’m a tree expert, according to my professor.
  • He also said perhaps I was his best student.
  • He’s really nice to everyone.
  • He also complimented my color (which I took to mean my mixing).
  • I didn’t get to the waves before class was over.
  • I have to do it at home now.
  • My professor sent me home with his example again.
  • It’s Friday.
  • I still have the crud, but it’s more bearable.
  • I’m 1 sketch short of the two sketches I needed to do this week.
  • I’m still planning to post some of my painting, but I need to image.
  • I want a costume job.
  • City Center has costume/wardrobe jobs open but I’m not qualified.
  • I’m thinking about applying anyway and hoping for the best.
  • I really need to get cracking on Seussical costumes.
  • I like my job but the arts (costumes, drawing, music, theatre, dance) really make my heart sing.
  • I didn’t post about a significant, recent, life change.
  • No mom, I’m not pregnant.
  • No Kid, don’t tell her that I am.
  • I really like listening to Air 1 at work, via the Internet.
  • Tonight’s date night.

4 responses to “Just for Fun on Friday

  1. Fine, I’ll probably be at the cabin by then, anyway.

    Good luck with your felting.

    I discovered a beading technique today that you may enjoy. You take a crocet like hook and chain the beads onto material. Interested?

  2. July does not really work for me. Canada calls sorry. maybe october. we’ll see. just kidding.

    i have my own money to purchase wool yarn.

  3. sorry i already did tell her that you are pregnant. we should hang out i need wool yarn because i want to try something. HINT HINT.

    • Um, if your hint is that I need to buy you wool yarn, you should know that I spent all my money on art supplies.

      Hanging out, however, is more do-able, in July or so. (Just kidding).