Lake Mead

PC and I went to see if we could spot any wintering eagles along the shores of Lake Mead. We went during the Superbowl. No, I didn’t watch the Superbowl and I don’t even know who won, yet.

We didn’t see any eagles. Not surprising at the hottest part of the day, even if it was in the 60s.

We did see some gulls and ducks, though.

We went to Echo Bay first. The last time we were out there was at least ten years ago. The water used to come up around a point where the resort sits. We could park at the resort and walk down a short incline to the water.  The water is now about a quarter mile away. No eagles. No wildlife. Dead, silent, scary.

Then we went to Overton Beach. There were signs that the boat launch was closed due to low water. They weren’t kidding.  There was very little water at Overton Beach and it was more like a river than a lake at that point.  I thought it was interesting and PC was disappointed at how far the water is down. The area around Overton Beach is marshy, not like a lake at all. In fact, if you didn’t look South toward the lake, you would just think it was a river.

I have some pictures from Overton Beach that I’ll post, hopefully this evening, along with pictures of the drawings and watercolors I did recently. I’ll post them right after Bible study, and after I finish my watercolor homework.


2 responses to “Lake Mead

  1. No. I didn’t know to look.

    I did see a lot of RVs with sattellite dishes parked on a high point over what used to be Lake Mead (for the superbowl I presume).

  2. The best sighting times are early in the morning or dusk. It would be quite a sight if you saw any eagles. Did you see any of the ruins of the town of St. Thomas while you were at the Overton Arm of Lake Mead?