More Changes

Remember the significant life change that I mentioned in passing?

The following was printed in the bulletin on Sunday:

Please join us in extending our gratitude and warm wishes to [PC], as he steps down from his staff position.  [PC] is going to school to pursue Worship Arts Ministry, and although he is no longer on staff, he will continue to be involved in our Worship Arts Ministry here at Warm Springs!

Funny story. By now you know that I am a story teller and what would all this be without a story.

I didn’t know that the above paragraph was being printed in the bulletin on Sunday. When I entered the church before the first service, I was mobbed by well wishers. I had no idea what happened. Everyone was saying different things about PC leaving. I assured them that we weren’t leaving the church. Perplexed, I made my way to a seat, sat down and opened the bulletin. Then I understood and smiled to myself, they were talking about PC stepping down, not us leaving the church.


6 responses to “More Changes

  1. PC continues to volunteer in Choir and assist the tech team. Everything is going smoothly. A wonderful couple stepped up and took charge of some of the technical aspects used to be done by PC, and, of course, the whole team continues to do a wonderful job as they always did.

  2. Wow, how exciting. I knew that you were being called, and how awesome to follow God’s calling. What is Jackie going to do without you? Better yet, what is the church going to do with you? You left very big shoes to fill, but God will work it all out, as I am sure that He already has. I am very happy for you guys. I will be praying for you.

  3. you would do that

  4. So he’s finally going to school to become a pastor?

    I think it’s great that he’s finally pursuing what he wants.

    Good luck with the changes and hopefully you can stay home and have babies soon. 😉

  5. See how easily things can be misunderstood. Amazing isn’t it?