Ch. 7 of my book is up. Please email me or comment here and I’ll send you a password.

I know my blog entries have been scarce, and I’m sorry.

This is a snapshot of my week.  I work 40 hours a week, plus 5 hours of lunch. I attend class for 11 hours out of the week. The drive to or from class takes an hour, and I am taking three classes. That’s six extra hours of driving.  I spend another 6 hours a week commuting, that doesn’t include the extra 6 hours.  I attend church or church activities 13 hours a week. Some of that time is down time, where I can do other things. Assume I sleep 56 hours a week, and take 7 hours a week for personal maintenance. I also have housework, Seussical, homework, my book and individual devotions to squeeze in somewhere.  I have 168 hours in a week, and am absolutely scheduled for 142 of that. No wonder I feel overloaded, I have four other hours per day to fit in everything else. Really these four hours a day don’t exist during the week but on the weekend.

Now that I’ve offered my excuses, please excuse me, I need to go to bed now, since I stayed up to update you.


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