I’m not blogging but I am being productive in the writing arena. I just published (on my blog) Chapter 8 of my book.

My nickname for the book is LV Spy Story. I do have a title, but I’m not revealing it yet.

Please feel free to read and comment. I do ask, though, that you email me (or comment here) for a password so I can keep track of my readership. Please, visit my “Chapters” page for more information and for the chapters.

Please, visit.


Pretty please.

Alright, I’ll bribe you; if my readership increases to 10, I’ll have a giveaway. I’m thinking a gift card to a fairly universal coffee place or ice cream place. Right now I have two readers.


12 responses to “Writing

  1. Thanks kid.

    Lacey, do you need a new password?

  2. go to the chapter section and type in the password she gave you or else ask for another one

  3. How do I get to the book again?

  4. okay fine, but not a moment later.

  5. I have five readers. We’re 1/2 way there.

  6. it has been a week
    we need more chapters


  8. okay i finished it. you need to write more chapters before i decide to finish the book myself.

  9. okay i give, send me a password because i am dying to know what is going on

  10. Book continues to be good, I can hardly wait for more chapters!