April Fools Day

Yesterday, PC called me after school let out to tell me the April Fools Joke I should play. Note, I’ve avoided this joke, thinking that I’d upset him. A friend of mine played the same joke last year.

On Twitter, I simply Tweeted that I was looking at two pink lines, that I needed to call PC, and that this explained why I wasn’t losing weight. I didn’t have to say anything else, because what else has two pink lines that necessitates a call to my husband? Twitter updates my Facebook status.

Yesterday was Wednesday, which means church.

PC called me to tell me that he was keeping up the joke, and I should too. Incidentally, PC said Celebrating Kids as his Facebook status, just in case anyone was confused by the pink lines on mine.

I was mobbed. Fine, that was creative licence, I wasn’t mobbed, but approached by a number of friends congratulating me. My brother called because one of his friends, who’s my friend on Facebook, called him to find out if I really was pregnant. I kept up the joke for a while, deliberately misleading people, but not out and out lying. This makes me feel better about myself, but a friend told me I was going to burn in hell for lying to her.

Long story short, I’m not pregnant. April Fools!

Also, chapter 10, part 2 is published. This is not an April Fools joke.


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