The Plot Thickens

Chapter 11 is up. Enjoy. (Kid, really, you don’t need to bug me, I want to write as much as you want to read.)

I’ve noticed, as I learn to paint and draw, how much writing is like painting or drawing. First, I make a light sketch (outline), then I fill in the basic shapes (rough draft), then I clean it up. Sometimes I get it (the writing, painting, or drawing) right the first time and sometimes I have to try it again or rewrite.

I also know that I owe you some pictures of what I’m doing in my classes. My work is improving and I plan to take more watercolor classes, and other art classes. I really love watercolor.  It’s relaxing and another way I can escape from stress. (Used to I would read or write to escape.)

I am trying to figure out how I’m going to balance everything I want to do with work and family life. I know it’s just PC and I, but everything at home is stressful and messy. I know that it’s not healthy for me to be out several nights a week. In addition to class and homework, we added Bible Study, Financial Peace University, and we’re working on our parts of Seussical (which opens at the end of the month). Oh, and I’m writing another skit for the kid’s Wednesday night program. It’s going to be a little more involve and a little more work. The plan is for the Wednesday group to perform it on Celebration Sunday in May.

I really should be sewing instead of blogging right now.

The thing that’s keeping me sane in this whole matter is reminding myself that Seussical opens in a couple weeks, my class finishes a couple weeks later, and Montana is barely two months away.

I would head to the cabin right now, if I could. It’s such a blessing to have the cabin in God’s Country. Sorry, I know Texans think that Texas is God’s Country, and I’m from Texas, but once you’ve been to Glacier National Park, I think you’ll understand.

As I conclude this post, I’m swept away by thoughts of Montana: pine scented air, gleaming glacial lakes, the splendor of the wild flowers, and the serenity that comes from it all.


5 responses to “The Plot Thickens

  1. you probably wont understand why i say that unless you go. i could post a million pictures, I have one that i will want you to paint, and you probably would not get it.

  2. nope canada is sorry. even in the summer is not that warm and i might point out that i have seen the northern lights both times when up there. There is also always a bigger chance to see them there than montana. montana might be pretty, but canada (big river saskatchewan in particular) is definitely God’s country

  3. Big Sky Country! There is nothing like it, the Last Great Place. This from someone who has also lived in Washington, Oregon, California, Alaska, Montana and Nevada. See you in Montana ,girl!!

  4. i disagree, Big River is God’s country. you would understand if you went