Art Project Backstory

A little backstory on the drawings and watercolors I am posting.

I took Watercolor and Drawing at the community college this spring to improve my costume sketches. Before I started these classes I never used watercolor or attempted to draw much of anything, besides costumes.

In October last year, while visiting my grandfather, I decided to sketch him as he watched TV. When the sketch turned out realistically(though it is not an exact likeness) I decided that perhaps with a little effort I could probably draw. I tried a few more sketches from life between October and January (fewer than 10) before signing up for Drawing and Watercolor. I knew that I needed “something” in my sketches to make them better, but didn’t know what. (I know what now, shading and perspective.)

While my reason for taking the classes was to improve my costume drawings, I discovered that I actually liked to draw and paint. I plan to continue to draw and paint for pleasure and post those artistic endeavours here.

A funny story. About a month into class, I showed Mom (and my family) my “art” work. I was showing Mom my work because she is an artist and I wanted to know what she thought.  I commented (flippantly) that I was shocked that I was able to paint and draw and have it look like the desired subject. She replied, “no one’s more surprised than I.”

It wasn’t mean spirited, I just never exhibited any artistic propensities before now.

This fall, I am scheduled to take a second level Drawing class. Additionally, this fall, I am taking some Theatre classes so that I can study Costume Design and hopefully apply to the Theatre Graduate College for Fall 2010.

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