Don’t Let The Cat Out Of The Bag

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33 responses to “Don’t Let The Cat Out Of The Bag

  1. block dad’s comments

  2. Dad, dont be sour just because you didnt win…

  3. I love Carolyn’s comments!

  4. PC: I should have asked to put the parakeet in a different bag.

  5. Tip # 487: Caring pet owners do not use plastic bags as pet carriers.

  6. WARNING: Greenpeace approved cat beds have been known to suffocate cats and small children.

  7. Just trying to keep the cat in the bag.

  8. One man’s trash is another’s treasure. I dont want know where PC found that…

  9. Caption: “Look what the cat drug in!”

  10. Tip # 486: If after using the Greenpeace approved cat beds, PETA shows up. stash all the plastic bags in the cupboard, delete the photo and say you were following the advice of using the plastic bags again in the grocery store. If all else fails, bribe ’em.

  11. All of these are great.

    I’ve had some feedback that the tips, esp. 485, are people’s favorites. What do you think?

    Kid=Carolyn, I give up editing her comments to change Carolyn to Kid.

  12. “In an alternate reality… I could do this to you. Just remember that the next time you see a portal in the living room.” – The Cat

  13. Caption: “Tastes just like chicken!”

  14. Caption: “Alright…where’s the milk?”

  15. While sewing Anna enjoys watching movies from different viewpoints. Recently she has taken to watching movies made by former presidential nominees. She has decided to apply some of the concepts from the movies by using her old plastic bags as pet pet carriers and cat beds. Bella refused, but Ceili was all for it..

  16. Mom says: The cat is IN.

  17. Tip #485 : PETA does not approve the use of plastic bags for pet carriers, but Greenpeace does!

  18. Oh Goody, I get to go for a ride!

  19. Tip #484: Smart pet owners put there animals in plastic bags to avoid messes

  20. I have to say, these all are pretty funny.

  21. “Cool! These new cats toys are pretty realistic. Hey, there’s my glasses. Yikes! You are REAL! Am I dreaming? Anna! Help! What do I do?!”

    —Chinaka’s is pretty good.

  22. Tip # 483: Smart shoppers recycle grocery bags for pet carriers.

  23. What, you only want to feed me, shelter me, and keep me safe, not give me a “free ride” everywhere else?

  24. But I don’t go in the trash, I make trash!

  25. Help! I don’t want to go back to Wal-mart.