Setting up a Small Business

Below is some information about the agencies I dealt with to set up my small business.

Nevada Secretary of State: to set up a Limited Liability Company. Fees are $75 to file the Articles of Incorporation and $125 for the annual list of managers and members; or $200 initially and $125 a year to maintain the LLC.

State of Nevada: to apply for a State Business License and Sales Tax Permit. Fees are $200 annually for the business license, $15 annually for the sales tax permit. A sales tax deposit based on sales is required initially, a minimum of $100. This is at least $315 initially, and $215 annually to maintain the license.

City of Henderson: to apply for a Henderson Business License. The application fee is $25. The biannual license fee based on sales, a minimum of $25. Additionally, small businesses based out of the home must apply for a home occupation permit; the application fee is $15. This is at least $65 initially, and at least $50 annually to maintain the license.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. My contact information is on the sidebar, or you may add a comment to this post and I will respond to the comment.


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