My Reading List (and some Book Reviews)

I enjoyed and recommend the books reviewed below. This is not a paid review and no one affiliated with any of these books, or Amazon has ever heard of me, as far as I know. I link to, but I am not endorsing Amazon in any way.

Boneman’s Daughters by Ted Dekker. A thriller about a serial killer who abducts young women and kills them by breaking their bones but not their skin. The protagonist, Ryan, must rescue his daughter from the serial killer before it’s too late. Creepy, compelling, and not too graphic. (I don’t do graphic).

Carolyn Hart’s Death on Demand series. My mother introduced me to these cozy mysteries* and I was hooked. Especially appealing, the hero, Annie (nearly Anna) who is short and feisty like you know who.

I’ve read the following titles (crossed off) in the past four months. (List copied from Carolyn Hart’s website.) I highly recommend these books. Ms. Hart is an excellent writer, her stories keep the reader entertained and guessing right up to the end. Her characters are three-dimensional and believable.

  • Death on Demand, 1987
  • Design for Murder, 1988
  • Something Wicked, 1988
  • Honeymoon With Murder, 1989
  • A Little Class on Murder, 1989
  • Deadly Valentine, 1990
  • The Christie Caper, 1991
  • Southern Ghost, 1992
  • Mint Julep Murder, 1995
  • Yankee Doodle Dead, 1998
  • White Elephant Dead, 1999
  • Sugarplum Dead, 2000
  • April Fool Dead, 2002
  • Engaged to Die, 2003
  • Murder Walks the Plank, 2004
  • Death of the Party, 2005
  • Dead Days of Summer, 2006
  • Death Walked In, March 25, 2008
  • Dare to Die, 2009

* Cozy mystery:a subgenre of crime fiction whereby sex and violence are downplayed or treated humourously. (Wikipedia)

I interrupted my reading of the Death on Demand series to read some books that were recommended by literary blogs I read.

The Widow’s Season by Laura Brodie. A captivating story about a new widow who sees her (dead) husband three weeks after he died and must decide whether he is a ghost or not. It’s a mystery, and the author does an excellent job of keeping the suspense while the widow puzzles out whether her husband is alive or not.

The 19th Wife by David Ebershoff. A factual account of the early Mormon church intertwined with a murder mystery in a FLDS compound.

The history was interesting and didn’t paint the early Mormon settlers in a poor light. The history portion of the book drew from Anne Eliza Young’s (one of Brigham Young’s later wives) book titled Wife No. 19, biographies about early Mormon church members, including Brigham Young, and letters to or from the same people.

The present-day mystery introduces readers to the lurid practices of the FLDS church, including child brides and lost boys. Lost boys are boys who are excommunicated from the FLDS church. The author keeps the reader from guessing what really happened right through the end.

The author also has resources on his website that support his story and give the readers more information about the FLDS community.

What books have you read lately? What books would you recommend? (No paid advertisements, please.)


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