Blind Side Review

My husband (PC) and I saw this awesome movie.

I don’t watch TV at all any more because I’m too busy with Cotton Costumes, Ltd., the holidays, church, and work. I did not know what this movie was about going into it. My husband said let’s go see a movie, and I grabbed my purse. We don’t see movies that often, and he has impeccable taste in movies.

As we were headed into the theatre, PC suggested that perhaps this was a football movie.

What?  I don’t really like sports movies.

This was not a sports movie, sure sports played into it, but the real story was about the rescue of Michael Oher from a life that would have otherwise ended in tragedy. I give it two thumbs up.

Please, go see this movie and support positive family entertainment instead of that wildly popular vampire movie.


2 responses to “Blind Side Review

  1. I agree, wonderful movie. We saw it the day after Thanksgiving. I’d recommend it anytime.

  2. Hi Anna— good I am dying to go see this movie!!I cant wait. I am taking a friend or 2 with me too. Thanks for the good review— Aunt Mackie