Christmas Memories

Christmas Lights on the River (in San Antonio).

Driving 8 hours from one Grandparents’ house to the other on Christmas Day.

Opening one carefully selected gift on Christmas Eve.

Opening my presents early and re-wrapping them. (Only once or twice. Sorry Santa.)


Waking up while it was still dark to open presents but having to wait until the adults were ready.

Candlelight Service.

The living tree that was supposed to be planted but didn’t live through Christmas.

Christmas sweaters from Grandma, even though I hated them.


Ballet Lessons. The most memorable Christmas gift.

The Nutcracker Ballet.

Christmas carols on the radio.

Evergreens and Snow. It doesn’t feel like Christmas without them even though most of my Christmases were spent in Nevada or Texas.

Unwrapping 15 nested boxes to find a ring. Yes, the engaging kind.

What are your memories?


6 responses to “Christmas Memories

  1. i tried to open and rewrap, but im challeged with wrapping and gave up on the attempt

  2. Hi. I wrote on the same topic on my blog today. You are welcome to have a look. God bless

  3. My favorite has always been sneaking out to see the tree at night after Santa had come and eating one or two treats from my stocking. I loved sitting and looking at the lite tree with all the lights out.

    I may actually not put the child’s gate up this year and maybe my girls will enjoy this too, though in some ways they are so good it might take a year or two.